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Carinthia Institute for Microelectronics




The Carinthia Institute for Microelectronics (CIME) is a competence centre for the research and development of integrated electronic systems. Integrated circuits (ICs) have become a key technology for modern electronic systems, embedded in almost any application of our daily life, ranging from data processing, telecommunications, medical electronics, automotive and power electronics to any kind of miniaturised sensing networks. The monolithic integration of billions of transistors on a single silicon chip with an area of a few cm2 nowadays enables reliable and cost-efficient electronic platforms with enormous computing and signal processing power for future electronics. The research on integrated electronic circuits and systems is a well-established discipline at our institute, which commenced in the early days of Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS). For more than 20 years, our researchers have been working on cooperative research funded by industry and national/European projects in the field of wireless and wired communications, as well as integrated sensor front-ends. CIME aims to be a competent research partner, with a strong alignment to local industry needs and a clear focus on research excellence with international visibility. This is also based on the research by the Josef Ressel Center “Interact”, which has been operated at CUAS since 2019. The required specific education and know-how exchange in the field of microelectronics is supported by the Master’s degree program “Integrated Systems and Circuits Design – ISCD” and PhD positions in cooperation with other universities. During the past 10 years, the microelectronics research group has successfully initiated and operated funded research projects with an overall budget for CUAS of approximately 5.5 million €.

CIME is organized in three departments “RESPECT”, “RFFE-Lab” and “SIMS” focusing on different research topics. The “Research Lab for Radio Frequency Frontends” (RFFE-Lab) is a cooperative research lab, jointly operated with Silicon Austria Labs and co-located at CUAS.

RFFE_lab (SAL)


Wolfgang Scherr

Lead RESPECT, Key Researcher

Johannes Sturm

Lead CIME, RFFE_Lab, Studiengangsleitung Integrated Systems and Circuits Design, Professur für Mikroelektronik/Analog Design

Dongning Zhao

Lead SIMS, Professur für Integrated Circuit Design

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  • 11. Mai 2021
  • 14:50 - 15:30
  • Raum 4


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